Church Building Commitee

Floor Joist Placement

On 7th April 2021

After having completed all necessary Engineer and City inspections of the foundation water-proofing membranes, plumbing, drain tile and electric cables to the building, the backfill (with gravel) inside the building and around it have been completed. The framing for the interior and exterior walls of the ground floor (Daycare) was also completed, following which, after a slight delay over the Holy Week, the floor joists were hoisted and placed by crane today.

Over the next few days, the joists will be fastened onto the load bearing concrete and stud walls. The work on the upper floor (Church) will start next with the concrete block masonry fire wall on the west side (facing the existing residence). The insulation and concreting of the floor of the Daycare, and the masonry retaining wall works will start after that. In the meanwhile, the civil work on the site (for the elaborate storm water collection system) continues.

By the grace of the Almighty, and all your prayers, the work of building our Church is continuing as per schedule. Please continue all efforts of prayers, support and generosity and reach out to any of the Building Committee Members for any suggestions, questions or concerns.