Church Building Commitee

Foundation & Ground Floor Concrete Pouring Completed

On 25th February 2021

The Concrete Pouring for the Foundation and Ground Floor walls (using ICF - Insulated Concrete Forms) was completed successfully on 25th February 2021. This was a critical step with considerable risks due to the new technique of using ICF and the sheer height of the pour. With the Blessings of the Lord and the careful planning and execution by our Construction Manager (Saji George of Vivanta Homes) and the other professionals involved, it went flawlessly. Also of note is that the Structural Engineers, Architect and City Building Inspectors were all impressed with the additional precautions taken. Stage 1 of the off-site Civil Engineering work along 72nd Avenue have also been completed successfully.

Please keep all the Contractors, crew and Achen (who is our Site Safety Director) in your prayers as work now continues. Next steps are - floor backfill, drain tile around the building and then hoisting the floor joists (beams).