Church Building Commitee

Final Approval for Rezoning Granted

by City Council on Monday, 13th January 2020

It has been a long process, but with the Blessings of the Lord, our prayers and efforts have been answered. After almost 5 years of effort spanning two properties, we finally received confirmation from the City of Surrey’s Planning department that our application for Rezoning our property at 15141 72 Avenue, Surrey, has completed 4th Reading and received Final Approval from the City Council on Monday, 13th January 2020.  With this, the Residential plot of land the Church purchased, can now accommodate a Church, along with other facilities such as a Daycare and a Caretaker residence.

This does not yet fulfill our dreams of having our own Church, but it marks the overcoming of the biggest challenge involved in that process.  There is still considerable work left in fundraising and acquiring all the necessary permits to begin construction.

We thank all those who have worked tirelessly for this over the years in various capacities, and request everyone to continue their prayers, efforts and financial support for this project.  The Church Building Committee also thanks everyone for your suggestions, encouragement, patience, and above all, your unwavering faith.

The above photo was taken when almost every Church member (with parents and babies!) turned up at City Council before the 3rd Reading and Public Hearing on 23rd April 2018, to affirm their support for the Rezoning application.