The Church Building Committee
 2019-11-22 21:52:36

The Church Building Committee

Current Members

While the members of the Parish have always worked towards a Church Building, a formal Building Committee was created only in 2013. The Building Committee was then reconstituted by the General Body on 7th December 2014, and an initial mandate was

 2019-11-22 21:35:20

Next Steps

What Lies Ahead

The Parish, led by the Building Committee, continues its work towards receiving Final Approval (4th Reading) along with the Building Permit, and is hopeful that with the Blessings of the Lord, we can complete the Rezoning process in 2019, to

 2019-11-22 21:32:35

The Path Thus Far

Fundraising, Property Purchase and Rezoning

Over the years, the Parish has been keeping aside its operational surplus and proceeds of fundraising events such as Agape, Carol singing etc. as a Church Building Fund. With generous donations by Church members and well-wishers within the Malayal

 2019-11-22 21:26:30

Our Dream

Our Dream Church

It has been a long-cherished dream of the members of the St. George Malankara Orthodox Church, BC to have their own Church building and premises here in the Great Vancouver region. Having our own premises gives us the ability to conduct our liturg